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Questions & Answers

Q:  Do I have to be a licensed health care practitioner to buy any of the Superhuman Protocol products and offer them to the public? 
A: No. All items fall under class 1 wellness devices. 


Q: How can I find a location near me that offers the Superhuman Protocol?
A: We have a search locator. It allows you to find 3 different types of locations:

1. Superhuman Health & Performance™ centers that are exclusively setup to offer all 3 protocols using only proven & accepted equipment and protocols. Click here for information on the 3 products. In addition, the facility is trained & certified yearly by us.

2. Superhuman Protocol Affiliates are locations that have have the 3 approved systems & protocols within a facility, but may offer other services and equipment. They are trained & certified yearly by us.

3. General Locations may have 1 or more "similar" technologies and protocols, but are not trained & certified by us. They may have equipment that is unproven and are not affiliated with us in any way. We do not evaluate their equipment and protocols.


Q: How can I become a Superhuman location?
A: Click here to learn more 


Q: How can I buy, setup and do the Superhuman Protocol in my home? 
A: You can by ordering all 3 technologies from us. Click here to learn more. 


Q: How can I change my existing account listing from a General Location to a Superhuman Protocol Affiliate?
A: Log into your account. Under Account Status, pick upgrade current listing. Complete the form and wait for approval.

Q: Can I list my site free? What are the requirements? 
A: General Locations are free. We evaluate the PEMF, EWOT & Light services on your web site. If they are part of your services you will be listed. There are no requirements other than offering any type of PEMF, oxygen therapy and red light. 


Q: Are the protocols safe and are there any contraindications? 
A: This is to be determined by each location & practitioner. Your consent to use their services is under their individual release liability waivers. Contact your nearest location for more information. 


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