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Generate a growing income from offering services using cutting-edge technology with proven results. Help people achieve Superhuman health at all levels. From top athletes to de-conditioned individuals with compromised immune systems. Superior revenue & ROI models with minimal investment. We offer complete turn-key financing, installation, training & support. We drive customers to you. Our online marketing technology attracts people seeking solutions to their problems... and we have the solution to their problem. 

There are two ways to become a location: 
 A dedicated facility which is similar to a franchise without the hefty franchise fees. It requires a dedicated building that offers the 3 product technologies, training and certification. These facilities will be listed on this web site as a SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance Location. You will not need your own web site. This facility is to bear the first logo below. It is our branded facility and must adhere to strict usage of approved devices and protocols. Yearly fees and brand licensing applies.

The second option is is a SUPERHUMAN Protocol™ Certified Affiliate which is an existing location of yours. You keep the existing branding of your location, but can use the SUPERHUMAN Protocol on your web site (which links back to us showing customers your certification). You will also be listed on this web site on locations page. You are subject to yearly training & certification fees only. 

Contact us for full details. 

Below are the 3 listing levels offered on our locations search page. 


SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance Location
Dedicated, branded location that offers BEMER®, Maxx O2® EWOT & TheraLight® 360HD Red Light Therapy exclusively. These dedicated facilities use the 3 approved technologies and are trained & certified yearly. 

superhuman_protocol_logoLG copy.png

SUPERHUMAN Protocol Certified Affiliates
Non-branded facility that uses approved products and protocols, but are not dedicated SUPERHUMAN H&P locations. They may also have other protocols & equipment that we are unaware of which are not part of the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™.

General Locations
Non-branded facility offering "similar" technologies (PEMF, EWOT & Red Light) but do not use all three of the approved technologies in the Superhuman Protocol. Their PEMF, EWOT & Light products may vary and many locations may only have 1 or 2 of the 3 required technologies. In addition, they may be using products and protocols with no proven results. 

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