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SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance Locations
Find a SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance™ location that offers BEMER®, Maxx O2® EWOT & TheraLight® 360HD Red Light Therapy exclusively. These dedicated facilities use the 3 approved technologies and are trained & certified yearly. 

SUPERHUMAN Protocol Certified Affiliates
Find locations that offer the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™ within their facility and use approved products and protocols, but are not dedicated SUPERHUMAN H&P locations. They may also have other protocols & equipment that we are unaware of which are not part of the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™.

General Locations
These locations offer at least one or more "similar" technologies (PEMF, EWOT & Red Light) but do not use all three of the approved technologies in the Superhuman Protocol. Their PEMF, EWOT & Light products may vary and many locations may only have 1 or 2 of the 3 required technologies. In addition, they may be using products and protocols with no proven results. 

Warning: web sites that are not listed in our search results that claim they are Superhuman Health & Performance™ or Superhuman Protocol™ locations or use similar wording are not legitimate. Report these trademark violations here.

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